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Real Estate Services When Selling A Home

Thinking about listing your home for sale?

Have you ever asked yourself, what would it take to sell my home? What real estate services are provided to me when selling my home? There are a great deal of questions and concerns that arise when considering putting your house for sale. Today’s home buyer is very knowledgeable on home prices and current properties for sale. For this reason today’s seller need to be prepared and knowledgeable on homes for sale in their area. The days of listing your home in the MLS and simply putting a sign in your yard are gone. Red Door Real Estate has developed an aggressive marketing campaign that utilizes the power of the internet while keeping traditional marketing efforts in mind. Let Red Door Real Estate show you how our individualized marketing plan can get your home sold.

Red Door Real Estate offers top-notch internet marketing for homes listed for sale. Our clients benefit from being placed on some of the largest and most popular real estate website, exposing their home to the widest possible range of qualified buyers. Red Door goes beyond the typical MLS syndication to maximize your online exposure and takes an extra step to enhance each listing we market. We have carefully selected paid advertisements as well as strategic website partnerships to drive targeted traffic to our client’s homes.

Red Door Real Estate can position your home and enhance your listing to gain maximum exposure on a variety of real estate websites such as: Realtor.com, Trulia.com, Zillow.com and many more. Check out our internet marketing page details on our extensive internet marketing plan.

Another consideration is whether to list your home as a for sale by owner and sell your home on your own or to work with the help of a real estate agent. Choosing the right real estate agent to work with can be a stressful decision. Red Door Real Estate is confident that the experience and knowledge of our agents will allow you to feel comfortable that you are getting the best return on your decision as well as the highest price possible on your home.  

#1 Priority – Setting the right price

The recent changes in the real estate market have made it extremely difficult to set the market value for a home. With market fluctuating between the seller favor and the buyers favor, setting the right list price for a home can be a daunting task. Pricing a home too high may deter buyers from looking at the home and may cause the home to sit on the market longer than anticipated. At Red Door Real Estate we take great care in setting the list price of each home we sell. Every interested seller is presented with a comprehensive market analysis of the home in the area that are comparable to the property being sold.

Red Door Real Estate works within areas where we are extremely familiar with or areas that we ourselves have lived. After performing an in-depth market analysis of the area in which your home we can compare the features of your home within your area. There are a number of websites that provide a mathematical valuation of your home; however speaking with an agent that is experienced in your area is the best way to get a feel for the market in your area. For more information on putting your home for sale in Massachusetts, Contact us today!

Our agents are prepared to provide interested sellers with an honest and accurate range that we feel comfortable listing the home as well as a range of what the home should sell at. With the recent dip in the market value of homes, we have experienced some kick back from sellers that are looking to get a higher dollar amount for their home. Any real estate agent can come in to your home and tell you what they want to hear; however Red Door Real Estate will provide you with a straightforward evaluation of the market and give you a realistic estimate of the market value of your home. Our philosophy is that anyone can tell you what they think they can sell your home for but our agents can show you exactly how we will get it done!

How will Red Door Real Estate market your home?

As we mentioned, listing a home for sale in the MLS and hoping for the best are over. There is a great deal of behind the scenes marketing to position your home in front of those buyers looking for a home that matches the one you are selling. According to the National Association of Realtors over 87% of home buyers use the internet when searching for a home. Red Door Real Estate utilizes the internet so that our sellers can produce unmatched results. Madelene Cheney, Broker/Owner of Red Door Real Estate has a background in internet marketing and has designed advanced avenues to reach potential homebuyers. We have developed a number of unique ways to direct the attention of potential buyers to your home. Through an established internet presence, Red Door Real Estate can reach a wider range of visitors then the average real estate company.

Although our main focus in on internet marketing, we have incorporated traditional marketing into the strategic plan for each one of our listings. We have professionally designed direct mail pieces that announce all of the listings associated with Red Door Real Estate. In addition to having an experienced traditional public relations specialist that has relationships with local media outlets and newspapers, Red Door Real Estate will develop on online public relations campaign for each of our listings. Together, these marketing efforts can provide our seller with the most aggressive marketing and advertising plan in the industry.


Here are just a few of the home seller services offered by Red Door Real Estate:


Professional Visual Representation of your home – We take great care in the photos of each of our listings. From a 1 Bedroom condo to a 3000 Square Foot MCMansion, Red Door Real Estate carefully plans out and edits every photo before it is presented to the public. A picture can say a thousand words, which is vital when are listings are accessed by potential buyers world wide. It has been proven that a buyer is 4 times as likely to view a property online if it has photos. In addition to photos, Red Door Real Estate will offer each seller a video or virtual tour of their home to accompany all listings at no additional charge. Let us not forget the many YouTube videos that have become a phenomenon over the past few years. We can work to harness the power of video to direct potential buyers to your home.

Professionally Prepared Marketing Collateral – Red Door Real Estate has teamed up with a graphic design firm to ensure that all of the marketing materials prepared for our listings will top that of the competition. When a buyer views on of our properties they can walk away with a professional brochure that will answer the questions that the MLS may overlook. All of the direct mail pieces and newspaper ads are also prepared by keeping the individual look and feel of each home in mind.

Listing Syndication and Top Ranking Internet Searches – Although we cannot guarantee the top internet placement of all of our listings on a daily basis, Red Door Real Estate has designed an internet marketing system that will ensure sellers of top results on the search engines throughout the life of their listing. We work hand in hand with our advertising team to ensure that not only will the Red Door Real Estate website appear on the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo, but the direct links to each one of our listings will as well. In listing with Red Door Real Estate, your home will be listed on some of the top ranked search engines on the internet. Our goal is to position your home so that a potential buyer need not type in your exact address to find your home online, but can simply find you by typing in a generic search term describing your home (i.e. 3 BR home for sale Quincy MA).

If you are interested in learning more about the targeted marketing that Red Door Real Estate can offer, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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