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Below are a list or resources for scripts that agents can you with home buyers and during home buyer consultations.

Home Buyer Consultation Script from The Real Estate Trainer - Home Buyer Consultation Script (therealestatetrainer.com)

What You Say Matters Tom Ferry Script Book - Agent-Script-Book.pdf (tomferry.com)

Real Estate Buyer Scripts and Prospecting Scripts - Real Estate is Our Passion |

Buyer Appointment Script - Buyer-Lead-Script-updated.pdf (loriballen.com)

Buyer Consultation - BUYER SCRIPT (mikeferry.com)

Buyer Scripts Full Book - Buyer-agent-MFO-workbook.pdf (realgeeks.media)

Buyer Scripts - Buyer-Consultation-Appt-Script.pdf (groecoachinggroup.com)

Find and Win Buyers - Microsoft Word - Power Session 7 Find and Win The Buyer 4.17 10-3.docx

Preparing for the Buyer Consultation - Win With Buyers - Student Version.pdf (wordpress.com)

Buyer Consultation Ignite Training Scripts - Session-7-Buyer-Consultation.pdf (gokwstl.com)

The Ultimate Script Book - UPC867E041F11E41.pdf (cinccdn.com)

Market Leader Scripts - Email+Scripts+for+Buyers.pdf (marketleader.com)