Time for a change? Consider a career at a boutique real estate brokerage.

Are you busy hunting down the right brokerage to begin your career in the real estate industry? Or have you been in real estate a while and wondering what's happening to your commission check? The real estate industry is a highly competitive and volatile market, and there are so many benefits to working with a smaller boutique firm. 

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of working with a small boutique firm like Red Door Real Estate:

 1. One on One Support

Bigger brokerages make promises of support for new agents, but at the end of the day they are often understaffed. They are hyper focused on numbers and taking time to help every new agent grow, can be a lofty goal. In addition, beware of “mentorship” fees. Many brokerages will only offer you assistance for a cut of your first few commission check. At smaller boutique companies, you get one on one support- often from the owner of the company- at no cost to you.  

2. Fair Practices & Exposure 

Many real estate agents who work for large scale brokerage firms complain of being duped of their rightful wages. Large real estate firms attract young and ambitious real estate professionals with their credible and imminent brand name, and then dump all their research and ground work on these young professionals. As a result, these professionals work harder than anyone else in the firm, only to collect a meager pay check.

3. Chasing Ambitions

At Red Door RE, we strive for collective growth and success, but we also encourage young and ambitious real estate agents to chase their own dreams and strive for career growth. We believe that our real estate agents are the ambassadors of our brand, and our policy dictates that the ones who put in the hard work, reaps the rewards. 

Our policies focus on career advancement and professional growth. We aid agents in enhancing their professional exposure and learn from some of the best mentors in the real estate industry across the South Shore.

4. Financial Security & Freedom

Young professionals looking to start out in the real estate industry need to understand while adding a prestigious brokerage firm to their resume may increase their exposure, it will do little to provide them financial security and freedom. Most young agents associated with large scale brokerage firms find themselves with some of the lowest commissions in the industry. 

Most agents in large scale firms are paid on the basis of commission, which they receive upon the sale of a property. Upon deducting the charges of the firm, and dividing the commission between other agents and professionals, the remaining amount is very unsubstantial.

Boutique firms deal with their clients on a more hands-on and personal level, allowing agents to make and close the deal on their own and with higher commissions! 

In summary

Red Door RE offers a multitude of opportunities that promise professional growth and career advancement. We don’t encourage our real estate agents and professionals to run after petty commissions. Instead, we believe in educating our agents to rise as esteemed community figures and industry experts. 

Finally, we believe in a thriving team marked with excellent communication and an inclusive environment devoid of any kind of discrimination. While we always encourage a healthy competitive environment, we do not believe in pitting our agents against one another. Success is an ambition that we pursue with collective and well-coordinated efforts.

At Red Door RE, the greatest advantages include fair practices, REAL leads,  a present well-known community leader and owner who provides unparalleled one on one education and uninhibited support from your fellow team members. 


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