Quincy MA Seawall Reconstruction Project and It's Impact

Quincy MA Seawall Reconstruction Project: Impact on Waterfront Homes & Nearby Neighborhoods

The Quincy MA seawall reconstruction project is by far the most awaited project in Quincy, and it has been welcomed by the people who fear the hazards of flooding and destruction. This remarkable initiative will not only provide security for Quincy MA homeowners against natural calamities, but it has also ushered in a reduction in flood insurance premiums across Quincy MA.

Reconstructing the 8000 linear feet Seawall

The reconstruction project will replace the entire concrete structure of the 70-years old wall and base, replacing it with a thicker and sturdier, 6-foot concrete base, and erecting a curved concrete wall that will be feet higher than the existing wall. The first phase of the project will encompass the wall from the intersection of Sea St and Babcock Street in Houghs Neck to Chickatabot Rd in Merrymount.

The reconstructed seawall will be 2 feet higher and 15 feet above sea level. The city has also requested the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide an endowment that would cover 75% costs of the $2.8 million project for the replacement of the Adams Shore pumping station, which had incurred damages during the severe sea storms of March 2018.

Mayor Thomas Koch has requested the city council to allocate $14.3 million worth of funds to initiate the reconstruction of the seawalls and improve drainage in Quincy’s coastal neighborhoods like Merrymout, Adams Shore and Houghs Neck. The funds also includes $2.8 million for a proposed new pumping station in Adams Shore to prevent damage like that experienced during the storm in March 2018.

The city council will wait to respond to the funding requests until fall. The reconstruction project has so far obtained permits from the conservation commission back in November but still requires other local and state permits. The second phase of the project is currently being designed and will extend into Houghs Neck from Sea Street and Babcock St to Bayswater Rd.

Impact on Waterfront Homes in Quincy

A study, jointly conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Quincy MA engineers, reveals that restoring the channel will restore the marshlands by allowing for a regulated tidal flow, and creating more channels to store and utilize the excess sea water triggered by the storms.

The study, which requires an 18-month period of observation costing $226,000, will review the impacts of a downsized culvert on the marshlands, alongside deliberating upon restoration developments and alternatives that will help the residents of Quincy benefit from enhanced flood control measures. Experts believe that the neighborhood requires a 2-4 foot seawall that will protect the city during a 50 or even 100-year storms.

The designs of the reconstruction project will upgrade the 14 outfall pipes, which will be added to the new seawall, and equipped with intake gates that will restrain the seawater from overflowing. Each pipe will be 16-inches wide, substantial enough to allow the storm to drain through the wall and return to the oceans. The experts have also proposed the construction of an electric pumping system to reduce the possibility of flooding in high-tide storms.  Additionally the project will make the water front and beaches more accessible to Quincy Ma residents by replacing staircases and repairing access points along the seawall.

Reductions in Flood Insurance

This striking initiative has ushered in another favorable development for home owners across Quincy MA: A 5% reduction in flood insurance payments. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has upgraded Quincy to Class 7 on the community rating system of the National Flood Insurance Program.

The 5% reduction in insurance premiums will allow around 4,000 homeowners across Quincy’s flood zones to save an average of $150 per year. This will allow homeowners a sizeable financial relaxation as flood insurance payments are mandatory for homeowners living in flood zones.

The seawall reconstruction project will continue to be an ongoing improvement to the coastal communities of Quincy MA. For more information on these neighborhoods check out our community pages: Adams Shore, Houghs Neck, Merrymount

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