Quincy MA’s Red Door Real Estate Gives Back with Free Reusable Shopping Bags Amidst New Plastic Bag Ban

On March 1, 2020 Quincy MA residents were greeted at local grocery stores by Red Door Real Estate Agents with free reusable grocery bags in support of the new ordinance banning plastic bags at retail-checkout counters. Recognizing the need, Madelene Cheney, owner of Red Door Real Estate and long-time South Shore resident wanted to ease the transition for all residents. 

“We think this ordinance is a great step to encouraging a more eco-friendly environment on the South Shore.” said Cheney. “Although there will be an adjustment period, we think this will only make our community stronger.” 

The new ordinance has Quincy joining over 120 other communities across Massachusetts that have now banned plastic bags. The ordinance specifically bans all retail-checkout bags made from plastic, including bags made from petroleum or natural gas and those made from biological sources such as corn or other plants. Degradable and biodegradable plastic bags are among those that are prohibited. Although the ordinance began March 1st, retail stores will have until June 1 to deplete their current stocks of the shopping bags and after the 90-day grace period, fines will begin to be enforced.

“Quincy is Red Door Real Estate’s home.” said Cheney.  “We know this town better than anyone else and hope all shoppers will think of us if they have any real estate questions... or just need a new bag!” 

For anyone who’d like a FREE Red Door Real Estate shopping bag, please stop by the Red Door Real Estate office in Hough’s Neck at 222 Sea Street Quincy, MA or give the office a call at 617) 553-1880.

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