Red Door Real Estate announces plans to reveal new logo and refreshed branding

Exciting changes are coming to the Red Door Real Estate brand! 

It's almost time... on January 21st, 2021 Red Door will reveal an updated logo and refreshed branding, reflecting our evolution and growth as a leader in real estate. Red Door Real Estate, has grown to become one of Quincy MA’s most respected and recognized real estate agencies. This exciting brand refresh include a refreshed logo, designed to signify the company’s strength and endurance, while remaining true to its longstanding reputation.

Red Door Real Estate was founded in Jan 2010, just as our country was slowly digging itself out of one of the worst economic recessions in history. This was not a time when entrepreneurs were starting business but founder, Madelene Cheney, recognized the need to offer personalized service that could adapt to the changing needs of real estate.  

Red Door Real Estate has remained a constant in the Quincy MA real estate market, celebrating its 10 year anniversary in 2020. What would usually be an exciting milestone for the company was muted by the worldwide health crisis known as COVID 19. As much of our lives have changed over the past year and we adapt to the “new normal”, both the real estate market and the real estate consumer have evolved as well. Red Door’s rebranding initiative aims to project a more unified and contemporary look while evoking a sense of partnership and unity through its carefully chosen design elements.

While there was no issue with the current logo, the brand refresh encompasses a renewed energy. Making a bold statement about the company’s future. “Our logo has been with us since the company was founded in 2010. Over the years we have made a few slight changes; however, the adjustments were so minimal they went unnoticed throughout all marketing channels. Our logo has seen us through so much growth, but it was time for a change,” states Red Door Real Estate Owner Madelene Cheney.” “Red Door has matured so much over the past 11 years that our logo and brand identity needed to reflect who we are today.”

Following the reveal of the redesigned logo, Red Door Real Estate will begin to rollout new branding across all media platforms, and has already started creating a buzz on social media with “teaser” and coming soon posts. Over the next few months the redesigned logo and sophisticated brand updates will appear on new yard signs, business cards, company website and all communication collateral.

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