Staging Tips to Sell a Waterfront Property in Quincy MA

Selling a waterfront home in one of Quincy’s coastal communities can be a challenging initiative, considering a waterfront property comes with the additional costs of several insurance policies, particularly the expensive flood insurance. Despite that, buyers seeking waterfront generally know the costs and see the value of great views, ocean air and a sense of escape! 

One way to increase more views on your waterfront listings is through staging. Home staging is a dynamic aspect of selling a waterfront property as it allows you to make the house much more desirable to the prospective buyers. We put together a few tips to really make your home shine to anyone dreaming of the waterfront life. 

Boost the Nautical Vibe

Waterfront homes have a romantic nautical beauty and a bold character. You can build on this by enhancing the décor with nautical elements. We suggest sea-themed paintings or wall colors, a lovely seafront seating arrangement, and ship steering wheels lining up the deck. 

You can also play up the nautical vibe by adding some sand and sea shells to your décor, and light up the seating arrangement and décor with some ocean-inspired lighting fixtures and scented candles. 

Depersonalize & De-Clutter 

When a prospective buyer or married couple walks into your house for a staging, they do not want to see pictures of you and your family scattered around the house, or those adorable drawings you have pinned to the fridge. It is important to de-clutter and depersonalize the space to allow the prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in your house and creating a home of their own. 

Depersonalization means you must put away anything and everything that ties the house to you and your family, while de-cluttering is focused on eliminating all the mess and making sure the house is squeaky clean and mess-free. This goes for any home we’re selling but rings just as true with waterfront. 

Comfortable & Luxurious

A waterfront home is supposed to feel relaxed and laid-back. Focus on giving the house a breezy vibe so the buyers can walk from room to room without feeling fatigued, or being overwhelmed by the humidity. Be sure to switch on the central air conditioning unit or heating unit, depending on the weather and season, an hour before the staging begins. 

You can always give the house a breezier and more luxurious ambience by adding some jute rugs, colorful pillows, and quilted throws to the outdoor seating arrangement. 

Enhance the Waterfront View

Needless to say, buyers want a waterfront home for the view, and if the view is cluttered with trees, trash, garden junk and untamed shrubs, it completely denies the purpose. Be sure to trim away all trees, shrubs and other elements that may be obstructing the view of the sea. 

You must also clean up the windows and window sills before the staging to make sure the buyer can enjoy the sea view from every window, doors and glass partitions in the house. 

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