Thinking of buying a home? Looking for home buying advice?

As a home buyer you can rely on Red Door’s experience to help make the home buying process less overwhelming and more enjoyable. We have designed our website to provide you with information that will take you through the steps of buying a home and offer advice on navigating the home buying process. But don’t forget…  Our expert real estate agents are only a phone call away if you should have any questions.

The Home Buying Process - Buying a home takes more than searching properties available for sale. This step by step guide will help outline and guide you through the steps toward home ownership. If you are looking for a brief overview, our home buying timeline will give you a breakdown of important milestones that occur during the home buying process.

Making an Offer - So you have identified a house that you would like to buy, it is time to write up an offer. Making an offer is an exciting step toward owning a home. Being knowledgeable on the real estate market can help you to determine an offer price. An offer to purchase must include the financing terms as well as any circumstances or contingencies pertaining to the purchase. All of these items will be taken into consideration during the negotiation of the offer. If you are looking for a brief overview, our offer to purchase timeline will give you a breakdown of important milestones and deadlines associated with buying a home.

My offer is accepted, so now what? – After an offer is accepted the home is considered to be “in escrow”. It is taken off the market and held for you until closing. Learn what takes place leading up to the closing and advice on ways to make the home buying process proceed smoothly.

What are closing costs? – At the closing, a buyer should expect to pay costs associated with purchasing a home. This guide will provide you with a breakdown of those costs and explain what is covered and included in home buyer closing costs.

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